A movie just to feel good #ForrestGump

Its like a new fresh feeling

Nabodita Roy

I seldom like drama. I mean the last movie I watched was Avengers: Age of Ultron in 3D. Amazing, I enjoyed it so much. Yesterday I was going through my scattered staff in my lappy, I came across Forrest Gump. A movie I must have watched several times. It was 2:30 AM. I had office today at 9 AM. Yes, I decided to watch.

And like the past several times, I enjoyed. Its drama but makes you happy. Its great for those people who think others are too blessed as compared to themselves. Basically what I feel after watching the movie is that your life is to short to sit and cry over something, wasting time. You can do so many things in one lifetime. Even if you are not among the most blessed.

Of course its a drama. Someone like me would argue its not posssible. True.

But there is…

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Tanu Weds Manu returns review


Nabodita Roy

As usual Kangna Ranaut was worth praising. Frankly, I went to watch the movie for her only. I knew what will happen. Its not tough for someone to predict what will happen in a movie just by watching the songs & trailers.

Moreover, the tagline Sometimes, to find true love, you need a part 2, clearly tells you that don’t worry everything will be alright at the end of part two.

I will not tell you the plot, by now everybody knows it and many know it without watching.

But, you should definitely watch it to have fun. The music is good, Kangna looking good, her outfits are good ( I mean Tanu’s character, Kusum’s characters is just too amazing to shorten it by looks).

I won’t give much credit to the storyline, it was quite obvious. But the screenplay was pretty good. So, go watch!

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